IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME, Y’ALL. Truth be told, I’ve had Christmas music playing since the weekend before Halloween (I blame the cold front that came through in Texas) and I’ve had my Christmas tree up since the beginning of November. What can I say? This girl L O V E S the holidays… and waking up […]

Body Positivity, Intuitive Eating

November 30, 2018

Gift Guide for the Intuitive Eater

I’ve officially been in Italy for a full week (and a few days)! It’s been such an eye-opening experience and I’ve already learned so so so much about myself. One thing no one prepares you for when you move to a new place is the loneliness that ensues. I got into my apartment around midnight […]


What My First Week in Italy Taught Me

My sister-in-law Katie recently decided that she wanted to start a side hustle to her architecture career and I was ecstatic when she asked me to help her design her brand and website. I’ve always known that Katie was artistic, but I was in awe when she showed me her true passion – floral paintings! […]

Branding + Web Design, Building A Business

Katie Sinclair Art

genoa, italy! I guess moving isn’t technically the correct term since I found out about a month ago that I legally can’t stay there for more than 90 days… so now it’s being referred to as an “extended stay” or a “self sabbatical” because I’m a little bitter about not being able to stay as […]


In 2 Days, I’m Moving To….