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If there’s one piece of advice I could give to anyone starting their business, it would be this: Figure out your ideal customer avatar, or ICA! So often when I work with clients, they hesitate to pick a niche market because they feel like it will limit them in who will hire them. I am […]

Branding + Web Design

May 29, 2020

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

As an Enneagram 7, it is very rare when I don’t have a business idea pop into my head. It could stem from something one of my friends mentions, a video on Tik Tok, a podcast, randomly while walking around my neighborhood…  you name it and my brain is probably trying to turn it into […]

Building A Business

Five Things I Do When Starting a Business

There is no doubt that there are days that totally kick us in the booty, especially during quarantine. They leave us feeling defeated and sad and like we are in a tornado of stress and anxiety. Been there, felt that. It’s no fun. Over the course of figuring out adulthood and all the life stressors […]

A Curious Life

5 Things To Do To Feel Like You Have Your Ish Together When Life Is Super Stressful

If you’re a dietitian and have jumped on the (incredible) bandwagon of creating an online course and want to offer CEUs for other dietitians to take your course, but have no clue where to even begin, this post is for you. Last summer, I started brainstorming ideas for my own online course that teaches eating […]

Building A Business

How to Setup CEUs for an Online Course for Dietitians

This past week, I finished up working with Jessie Huebner, the founder of Restored Purpose Counseling in West Palm Beach, FL.   Jessie and I actually “met” when we both worked as clinicians for Center for Discovery and were the point-people for the binge eating disorder program at our respective facilities. I don’t think we […]

Branding + Web Design

Restored Purpose Counseling Launch

Website and brand design for restored purpose counseling