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  Let’s open up the money talk, shall we? While money is often a taboo subject and can be a hard conversation to navigate, I feel like it’s so important to talk about, especially as an entrepreneur who is just starting out and looking to scale and grow their business. I believe that money doesn’t […]

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February 11, 2021

Q4 2020 Business Income Report

I’ve always had some flexibility with work. Yes, technically I worked 40 hours a week for a few years, but for the majority of that time I either worked from home or could flex some of my hours when I had to go into the office. But after quitting my job in December and working […]

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How I Structure My Week As A Full-Time Entrepreneur

How I Structure My Week as a Full-Time Entrepreneur

HOLY SMOKES it’s finally time for this announcement. The LLC is purchased, the domain and Instagram handle are reserved, the business email is alive, which means it’s time to let you in on a little secret I’ve been keeping.   The Eating Expedition is OFFICIALLY A BUSINESS!   While the progress of this business has […]

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The Eating Expedition

As an entrepreneur, as well as someone who is pretty involved in the eating disorder community in Houston, I wear a lot of different hats which means I normally have my hand in a lot of different cookie jars and have to manage many tasks. The only thing I have found to keep me and […]

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Batch Working: How to Increase Your Productivity

This past week, I finished up working with Krista Miles, founder of Krista Miles Wellness in Tampa, FL. Krista and I work together in our full-time jobs as clinical outreach representatives for Center for Discovery, so when we had a catch-up call and Krista told me all about her private practice and dreams of expanding […]

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Krista Miles Wellness Launch